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Crusader medium tank

The general Alan Brooke assists to maneuvers effectuated in England in 1939, from the turret of a Crusader medium tank.

German war propaganda

This photo, which looks prepared, is probably made for the German war propaganda. On the foreground a motorcycle with sidecar used by dispatch riders and on the background a Focke Wulf 189 Uhu used for reconnaissance and as light bomber.

American soldiers

A group of American soldiers managing some kind of electronic gear.

Sherman medium tank

Prepared photo of a Sherman medium tank of the US Army with infantry soldiers fighting from the rear of the tank. In real combat, it was very unusual this behaviour. Usually the soldiers would follow the tank using it as a shield. Only the Red Army used often the method of soldiers fighting while mounted on the tanks.


A German soldier attacking an enemy position with a flamethrower.

German soldier with Mauser Kar 98

A German soldier, armed with a Mauser Kar 98, the standard rifle for the Wehrmacht during the Second World War. The cylindrical can that was given to each German infantry contained a gas mask.

Heavy flak gun

The crew of a German heavy flak gun.

American artillery piece

The crew of an American artillery piece very well camouflaged.

American paratrooper with Thompson sub-machine gun

An American paratrooper armed with a Thompson sub-machine gun.

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