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American battleships in Pearl Harbor attack

This photo was taken during the first and the second wave of the Japanese bombing over the American naval base at Pearl Harbor. In the foreground, the burning bridge of the battlecruiser USS West Virginia, while behind burns the USS Tennessee. The Japanese attack over Pearl Harbor could be considered as a mistake that introduced the unbalancing presence of the United States on the conflict, which would be decisive for the defeat of the Axis forces.

Fire control telemeter

Emplacement of a telemeter for the fire control of the large cannons emplaced at the American base at Corregidor, in the Philippines.

Douglas SBD Dauntless

American dive bombers Douglas SBD Dauntless on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Hornet. These bombers could dive against their targets and hit them with great precision.

USS Enterprise

A view towards the prow of the USS Enterprise, which was one of the three components of the Yorktown class of aircraft carriers. On the foreground, it can be seen the two staggered mountings of quadruple 40 mm anti-aircraft guns located in front of the bridge, and a mobile crane beyond them. The USS Enterprise was seriously damaged during the battles at Guadalcanal, but unlike their twins, she would survive to combat until the end of the war.

Mimicked marines

A group of mimicked marines are about to cross a river to effectuate a surprise attack against a Japanese position.

Attack at Pearl Harbor

A photo taken after the naval and aerial attack that the Japanese performed by surprise over the base at Pearl Harbor, located on the hawaiian island of Oahu, the 7 December 1941. The attack against Pearl Harbor was labeled as infamous, but certainly the trade embargo that United States had been applying on the Japan during the previous years forced the Japanese to attack in such way. The attack was so swift that it occurred before the declaration of war was delivered.

American 350 mm cannon

An American 350 mm cannon on its emplacement at Corregidor. The massive bombing and assault made by the Japanese against this base forced the garrison to surrender.

USS Hornet

A view of the flight deck on the aircraft carrier USS Hornet, with an elevator visible in the foreground. The USS Hornet, one of the three units belonging to the Yorktown class, was sunk during the battles at Guadalcanal in the fall of 1942. The USS Yorktown had been also sunk during the battle of Midway, some months before.

F6F Hellcat

The dramatic landing on an aircraft carrier of an American fighter F6F Hellcat that has been damaged. On the decisive battle of Midway, the Japanese fleet lost four aircraft carriers, including all their aircraft dotation, two cruisers, three destroyers and many lesser units, while the American fleet lost only an aircraft carrier, a cruiser and 150 aircraft.

USS Wasp

The aircraft carrier USS Wasp, showing on the flight deck 38 of the 84 aircraft that she could carry. During the Second World War the aircraft carriers took the throne of naval supremacy in detriment of battleships, that were never built again after the war, since their armor could not protect them against aerial attacks and the range of their cannons was insignificant compared with the operational range of the combat aircraft.

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