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Artillery emplacement

The abandoned position of a German 88mm cannon on the slope of a Sicilian terrain elevation. The allied disembarkation in Sicily was the first assault against the European Fortress and served as a trial for the Operation Overlord, the landing in Normandy.

M8 reconnaissance vehicles

M8 reconnaissance vehicles from the 36th American division, belonging to the 5th Army, on which fell the main role on the battles for the consolidation of the beachhead on the landings at Salerno.

M4 Sherman

The crew of an American M4 Sherman tank ressuplying the ammunitions. Trying to break the German Gustav Line with the aim of reaching Rome, the allies had to fight hard and long battles at the strategic town of Cassino.

Browning heavy machine gun

The crew of a half-track during a pause; one reads a pocketbook, the others inspect the Browning heavy machine gun. Excessively self-confident on a quick victory, the allied expeditionary force was near to be forced to reembark the troops fighting at Anzio.

Tiger tank

An allied column passes a dumped Tiger tank, one of the heaviest German tanks. The surfaces of the hulk are covered with zimmeritt, a special pastry that applied on the tanks could prevent the enemy infantries from attaching magnetic mines on them.

German 50 mm mortar

Two German soldiers support an anti-partisan operation with a 50 mm mortar. After the armistice, the partisan activity grew and the German reprisals against these and the civilians were harsh and abundant.

M4 Sherman

A M4 Sherman tank disembarking on the coasts of Anzio. The failure of the Americans on breaking the German defensive line at Cassino led to the preparation of a second landing, aimed at surrounding the German defenses instead of facing them. The disembarkation at Anzio was a nigthmare for the Americans, that had to fight against hordes of fanatic, nearly suicidal German soldiers, that desperately managed to halt the allied advance during five months.

M4 Sherman

This M4 Sherman tank was destroyed in Cisterna, near Anzio, in March 1944. These medium tanks were too weak to engage in combat the heavy Tiger tanks, which caused many losses.

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