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German coastal cannon

A German coastal cannon fires against an aircraft that flies al low altitude over the English Channel. Encouraged by Churchill, the Operation Jubilee ended in a disaster for the British expeditionary forces that in the summer of 1942 finally landed on the area of Dieppe in order to destroy its docks. The operation was also intended as a test for the future Operation Overlord.

Jeep entering C 47 Dakota

A Jeep equipped with radio gets on board a C 47 Dakota transport aircraft during the preparations for the disembarking in Normandy. The white strips painted on the fuselage served as an identification for the aircraft that took part on the D Day.

LCT (Landing Craft Tank)

American soldiers and Jeeps loaded into a LCT (Landing Craft Tank) unit, awaiting for the order of departure. Despite the scrupulous preparation of the D Day, the bad weather wrecked the perfect organization, delaying several times the beginning of the operations, that finally occurred the 6 June 1944, named as the D Day.

Landing Craft Tanks and Landing Ship Tanks

In the eve of the landing in Normandy, the British docks on the English Channel were crowded of landing ships, from the smaller LCT to the bigger LST that would carry them across the channel. Though the landing was harsh, the operation achieved a quick success, helped by the security gaps left by the Germans. The German commanders, using a logical approach, were convinced until the last moment that the landing would be effectuated at Calais, the nearest coast to England. Only Hitler thought otherwise...

MG 34 machine gun

A MG 34 machine gun placed in anti-disembarking position during the maneuvers made in 1942 in expectancy for a future allied landing on the coasts of Normandy. When the allied forces finally launched the massive amphibious assault named Operation Overlord in June 1944, a large part of the German troops were taken in a state of self-confidence. The allied intelligence made great efforts to deceive the Germans about the details of the operation, and the German commanders crowned these efforts by disregarding the alerts given by the German intelligence services.

British paratroopers entering a glider

British paratroopers getting on board a glider on the eve of the invasion of Europe. The biggest disembarkation on History was about to begin, and these highly trained soldiers would be launched on the German lines to open a breach for the forces coming from the sea.

American soldiers loading a Landing Ship Tank

American soldiers waiting in the docks while some trucks are being loaded into the LST (Landing Ship Tank) units.

American soldiers getting on board a motor barge

American soldiers get on board a motor barge that would lead them on board the anchored LST units.

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