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German 210 mm railway cannon

A German 210 mm cannon mounted on railway carriage fires towards Dover from the area of Calais. In the French coasts of the Pass of Calais, the Germans used many railway artillery pieces of large caliber to bombard the British facilities at the other side of the pass. On the cannon seen on this photo has been installed an extension that would increase its range to nearly 110-115 km.

German cannon of large caliber

A German cannon of large caliber next to the Pass of Calais, ready for reaching beyond the cliffs of Dover. The effects of this artillery used against the British facilities next to the channel was mainly psychological.

Sunderland airplane

A Sunderland airplane in service with the British coastal command. The movilization against the much feared German landing was total in England.

Me 109 fighter pilot

A German pilot is about to take off on his Me 109 fighter towards England. During the Battle of Britain the insufficient operational range of the German aviation was a key factor that prevented the Germans from achieving the air superiority over England. Because of this, the Operation Sea Lion, that should make possible the German landing and further invasion of England, had to be cancelled.

German 280 mm railway cannon

A German 280 mm cannon mounted on railway carriage fires towards Dover from the area of Calais. These cannons entered service in 1940 and had a maximum range of about 52 km, making them able to reach the coasts of Dover.

Starting engine of Stuka bomber

Three German aviators activate the crank that starts the engine of a Stuka tactical bomber. The whistle that these aircraft emitted - through a device known as "the trumpet of Jericho" - when diving, became ominously familiar for thousands of English people.

Me 109 and Spitfire

In the sky of England, a Me 109 is about to shot down a Spitfire. Despite their high losses, the efforts of the Royal Air Force prevented the feared German landing on England.

Hawker Hurricane

The Hawker Hurricane was the most numerous aircraft on the Royal Air Force during the Battle of Britain, on the summer and autumn of 1940.

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