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Campaign artillery piece

A group of Italian gunners emplacing a campaign artillery piece in a protected position on the Greek-Albanian front, in the sector of Val Devol. Despite the recommendations made by Hitler, Mussolini decides to start an offensive against Greece, but the Italian troops are soon forced to withdraw towards Albania.

German pioneers on assault

Three German pioneers assault an enemy position with the help of a flamethrower. The resistance found in Yugoslavia caused the delay of the Operation Barbarossa, the immense campaign for the invasion of Russia.

German panzer crews

The crews of a group of German panzers benefit from a pause during the advance to resume the never-ending card game, interrupted so many times...

Battleship Kilkis

Greece bought two obsolete battleships from United States in 1914; these were from the Mississippi class and renamed by the Greeks as Kilkis and Lemnos. This photo taken by a German observer shows the Kilkis after being sunk by the bombs of the Stukas in the docks of Salamina.

Stuka bombers

A kette (group of three aircraft) of Stuka bombers on its way towards Belgrad. The aerial bombing upon the unarmed Yugoslavian capital was one of the most shameful actions made by the Luftwaffe.

German column advancing

During the fast advance, the German columns meet the Yugoslavian ones, destroyed by the dive bombings of the Stukas. In less than a month, the German blitz had occupied almost completely the Balkans.

Hs 126 reconnaissance aircraft

A German Henschel Hs 126 reconnaissance aircraft flying over a town in Greece. The resistance of the Greek Army was heroic and desperate, but the German Stukas and flamethrowers decided the fate of the conflict. On the other hand, the British expeditionary force had to escape by sea, and was in danger of being enclosed, as it happened in Dunkerque during the invasion of France and Belgium.

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