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A squadron of U-boot anchored in a base of the Kriegsmarine. Germany tried to counter the superiority of the British Royal Navy over the German navy by launching hundreds of submarines that would fight some kind of marine guerrilla war against the British warships and transport convoys. This method was very effective at first, but in the successive years the proliferation of anti-submarine countermeasures used by the British naval and aerial forces rendered to be almost useless and very dangerous the efforts of the German U-boot.

Anti-aircraft defenses

The personnel of anti-aircraft defenses watchs the insides of a fiord in the norwegian coast, in the summer of 1940.

British machine gunner

A British machine gunner, on a scort vessel of a convoy on the Atlantic route, watchs the sky sector that corresponds to him. However, the biggest threat were the U-boot.

British convoy navigating on the Atlantic

A British convoy navigating on the Atlantic. The German U-boot sunk over 14 million tons of allied merchant ships during the war. The submarine threat was the most feared by England, that lived one of the most critical periods on its history.

Battleship Bismarck

The battleship Bismarck, jewel of the German Kriegsmarine, was prosecuted and finally sunk by a British combat fleet when she was in route on the northern Atlantic, escorted by the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen, which survived the attacks. The Bismarck managed to sunk the huge battlecruiser Hood during one of the encounters.

British naval base at Scapa Flow

A view of the British naval base at Scapa Flow, located in the northern end of Scotland, from where the British warships could dominate the access to both the North Sea and the rest of the Atlantic. The British made this base a key element in their naval strategy against Germany.

IX A Type submarine

A German IX A Type submarine while being revised on a dry dock. Germany entrusted almost the entire naval war effort to the submarine weapon, which tried to cut any supplies that could arrive to England, following a strategy of siege.

Cargo ship assaulted

A cargo ship in route towards England is persuaded to stop by the warning shots of a German corsair warship. The unorthodox war that the German Kriegsmarine followed in the Atlantic included the use of corsair warships, which disguised as neutral cargo ships, would have no difficulties to sink or loot their preys.

Battleship Bismarck

The Bismarck and its twin Tirpitz were the biggest warships operated by the Kriegsmarine during the war. Despite being a powerful warship, the Bismarck was intended to be used against the allied merchant convoys, since Germany only possessed a few powerful warships that should not engage the more numerous combat groups of the Royal Navy. However, the British took as a serious threat the building of the Bismarck, prosecuting and sinking her in her first journey on open sea, in May 1941. Bad fate had also the Tirpitz, sunk by an aerial bombardment while anchored near the norwegian coast, in November 1944.

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