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SM 82 transport airplane

An Italian SM 82 transport airplane taking off from a libyan airfield. Italy occupied Libya in 1912, a territory that had been administered by the Ottoman Empire until then.

Italian tanks M14/41

Italian tanks M14/41 ready to take action in the area of El Agheila. Italy was unable to success in their plan to invade Egypt due to shortage of materials, an excesively static and conservative strategy, and an irresolute attitude of the commanders. Worse yet, in the following months the British offensives finally took the Cirenaica from the Italians.

Abandoned artillery in Libya

Near to Ain el Gazala, the remains of Italian artillery elements lie abandoned after the British advance. Excessively self confident, Italy refused the offer made by Germany of two divisions to assist the Italian war effort for invading Egypt, a decision that had disastrous consequences for the Italians.

Bren Carrier and panzers

A British Bren Carrier, immobilized during a confrontation in the desert. The German tanks that have hit it continue with their advance, which in this moment, still seems unstoppable. The Afrika Korps, composed by several divisions, advance with strenght, determined to reach the Suez Canal, the oilfields of Middle Orient and even the Caucasus, where another war is already being fought. But none of these objectives will be reached...

Douglas Boston bomber

An American bomber Douglas Boston, acquired by England by means of the Loan and Lease law, is about to take off from an improvised runway in the desert.

Hawker Hurricane attacking Sdkfz 222

A British Hawker Hurricane fighter hits a German Sdkfz 222 reconnaissance vehicle. In El Alamein, the luck of the Afrika Korps, exhausted because of the distance to their supply basses, turned down. The British army adopted flexible tactics to ensure that Rommel's troops could not reach the port of Alexandria, where the Germans would have the chance to resupply their ranks.

Italian 75 mm artillery piece

An Italian 75 mm artillery piece, covered by a masking, fires against the British units attacking in the area of Sirte.

Fiat 14/35 machine gun

An Italian Fiat 14/35 machine gun in an anti-aircraft position in the libyan region of Cirenaica. The British offensive occupied practically all the Italian positions in Cirenaica; only the intervention of the German Afrika Korps would turn the events.

German tank unload from transport ship

A German tank destined to the Afrika Korps is unload from a transport ship belonging to a convoy just arrived to Tripoli. The Afrika Korps led by Erwin Rommel had been organized in September 1939, in the accurate forecasting of a war in Africa.

Me Bf 109 and flag

This propaganda photograph pubished in Signal Magazine depicts a heroical representation of the symbol of victory in front of a Messerschmitt Me Bf 109 from a fighter wing, honouring the hard air war over North Africa.

Motorcycle with sidecar and machine-gun

Motorcycles equipped with sidecar and machine gun were widely used by the German messengers along the various war fronts.

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