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HMS Warrior ironclad (1860)

The HMS Warrior was a British ironclad launched in the last days of 1860, being this ship and her twin the first warships built with all-iron hulls. They were built as a response to the French ironclads of the Gloire class; compared to these, the ironclads of the Warrior class were built much longer (which was possible due to the all-iron construction), despite of their beam and draught being not much different.

The HMS Warrior spent her active career with the Channel Squadron, until she became obsolescent following the launching of the mastless and more capable HMS Devastation in 1871, therefore being placed in reserve in 1875 and paid off in 1883. She subsequently served as a storeship and depot ship, and in 1904 she was assigned to the Royal Navy's torpedo training school. The ship was converted into an oil jetty in 1927 and remained in that role until 1979, at which point she was donated by the Navy to the Maritime Trust for restoration. The restoration process took eight years, during which many of her features and fittings were either restored or recreated. When this was finished she returned to Portsmouth as a museum ship, where she has been based since 1987.

Class: Warrior (2 units)

Type: Ironclad

Length: 128 meters

Beam: 17.8 meters

Draft: 8.2 meters

Displacement (standard): 9284 tonnes

Sail surface: 4497 square meters

Propulsion: 1 shaft trunk steam engine, 5267 hp

Speed: 14 knots (26 km/h)

Range: 2100 nm (3900 km) at 11 knots

Complement: 707

Armament: 26 x 68-pounder smoothbore muzzle-loading guns, 10 x 110-pounder rifled breech-loading guns, 4 x 40-pounder rifled breech-loading guns

Armor: 114 mm in belt and bulkheads, backed by 410 mm of teakwood

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