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Anti-Aircraft Artillery Effectiveness

This simple program calculates a rough stimation of the effectiveness of the anti-aircraft artillery of a given battleship or any other classical warship that uses anti-aircraft gunnery. The calculation is made by taking into account the most fundamental aspects of an artillery mounting. Other factors that could be relevant cannont be taken into account by the program, such as the disposition of the mountings and the resulting firing arcs. The program accepts up to eight batteries to be calculated, thus allowing complex layouts to be calculated, where a same type of guns can be installed in different mountings that have different performing characteristics. Values for Battery #1 are required, the rest are optional.

Elevation and train rates, this is, the speed at which an artillery mounting can elevate or rotate its cannons, is a key factor for estimating the effectiveness of the anti-aircraft batteries; when the aircraft are still approaching the ship, firepower is the essential factor, but once the aircraft have reached the ship, firepower will be of not much use if the mountings are too slow to track the movements of the airplanes. Axis warships were in disadvantage in this aspect, since motorization of their artillery mountings was much more infrequent than in Allied warships. Finding precise data about this aspect of the artillery is very difficult if not impossible, so many times I had to estimate the rates on my own.

Below there is a list showing the values for some well-known historical capital ships. The higher the number, the higher the effectiveness of the artillery installed in that warship to counter aerial attacks.

PHP application by Sakhal TurkaystanPHP application by Sakhal Turkaystan

Number of cannons:
Caliber (milimeters):
Muzzle speed (meters per second):
Rate of fire (rounds per minute):
Elevation rate (degrees per second):
Train rate (degrees per second):

Battleship Iowa (1943): 211.7
Battleship Richelieu (1943): 148.2
Battleship Yamato (1945): 67.8
Aircraft carrier Hornet (1942): 54.5
Battleship Tirpitz (1944): 42.4
Battleship Vittorio Veneto (1940): 17.7
Battlecruiser Hood (1941): 17.5
Battleship Bismarck (1941): 17
Battleship Richelieu (1940): 12.7