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WW2 Color PhotosWW2 Color Photos contains many interesting color photos, illustrations and models from the Second World War.
WW2 Color Photos

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SakhaliaNet Content Network comprises a series of thematic websites about different topics currently available at two locations: and The network is created and administered by a sole person, programmer/designer/editor Sakhal (se.liamtoh@tessarnamat).

Historical background

Warship Pictures was the first website published, appeared in the late 2008. It was a simple collection of warships illustrations to which later would be added some articles to add weight in the search engines. This website evolved into the heavier Ship Pictures, started in 2012 with no little effort. After suffering a hard penalty in search engines, the website was moved to its current location. The project Military History was started in the early 2014 and it is the most sophisticated of the three, requiring as well a huge amount of work. On the other hand, WW2 Color Photos was a website started in 2012 and currently out of schedule. From a mere collection of photos it was upgraded to show also a rather special collection of vintage artwork.

Not everything moves around military or naval history. Parallely, a transitory dedication to music composing left as consequence the websites Free VST and Sakhal Music Studio. The sometimes excessive interest raised by programming left as result websites like Dagovar: A Visual Basic Game or More Than Dreams (started in 2014 and currently including Dagovar within it). Drawing and painting was also treated in another website which is currently discontinued. Also discontinued is the project Sahara Territory, started in 2011, albeit this discontinuity is not definitive for much material is still in storage. A newer addition (from 2015) was History of the Railway, project which however not being actively updated, is still not discontinued.


And not everything is about adding content. From the early 2014 programming started to slowly populate some of the websites, particularly Ship Pictures and Military History. By evolving these early applications it was made VorKuta, a mobile social website featuring personal profile with posting function, personal messenger and public chat. The complete description states:

VorKuta is a small social website programmed by SakhaliaNet. It features a profile for each user, personal forum, private inbox messages, public messages and public chat. It is provided with bookmarking, blocking and reporting options and its own administration page for the most fundamental moderation tasks. Messages can embed emoticons, formatted text, pictures and Youtube videos. It also has security features such as CAPTCHA, input and print filters or IP checking. Technologies applied are totally conventional: a large core of PHP operating with a MySQLi database, with some auxiliary Javascript functionalities to ease use.

Proprietary technology

VorKuta is certainly the most sophisticated creation from a technical standpoint, but there is more in the locker. Other creations include: graphical charts with interactive spots, algorithms which construct graphical text with borders that stand in any background, random algorithms for different presentations such as navigational or decorative items, computing algorithms to easily create statistics that can be presented in different ways, algorithms to rate items and, finally, an express generator which can generate hundreds of template webpages per minute if necessary.

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Ship PicturesShip Pictures possesses one of the most impressive galleries of illustrations of classic and ancient ships and warships, available for free.
Ship Pictures