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The fate of the Scharnhorst by Sakhal

The Scharnhorst is another example of the limitations that Germany had for its rearmament because of the Treaty of Versailles. The most important deficiencies of this battleship (which was actually a battlecruiser) lied in her armament, on which the p...

[ Date: 2016-09-20 | Length: 14 Kb | Update: Never ]
Bismarck and Prinz Eugen by Sakhal

The 18th May 1941 departed from the military port of Gotehafen a combat group formed by two splendid and modern warships, the battleship Bismarck and the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen, to start the Operation Rheinubung, a raid against the British supply l...

[ Date: 2015-10-21 | Length: 16 Kb | Update: Never ]
The fate of the Admiral Graf Spee by Sakhal

The Admiral Graf Spee and the Battle of River Plate The "pocket battleship" Admiral Graf Spee was built in 1934 after her sisters Admiral Scheer and Deutschland. She had been projected to elude the Versailles Treaty, which prohibited to Germany to bu...

[ Date: 2015-10-19 | Length: 14 Kb | Update: Never ]
Hornet and Chokai - Two faces of Guadalcanal by Sakhal

USS Hornet After the Japanese attack against Pearl Harbor, the American public opinion, despite having reacted with indignation, was still shocked. To this contributed the fact that Japan was very far and the average citizen did not see clearly how t...

[ Date: 2015-10-17 | Length: 13 Kb | Update: 2015-10-19 ]
Torpedo boats of World War Two by Sakhal

MTB Class: Vosper 70, 10 units (numbers 31 to 40) Authorized in 1938 and built in Vosper Portsmouth in 1939-40. Four units were sunk in 1940; the numbers 31, 32, 33 and 34 were rebaptized as CT 21, CT 22, CT 23 and CT 24 in 1943 to be used as towed ...

[ Date: 2015-10-13 | Length: 19 Kb | Update: Never ]