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Category: World War One

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The Fokker Scourge -::- by Sakhal
2015-06-28 - Votes: 0 - Views: 696 - Last update: Never
<span class="bold">An important revolution</span><br/><br/> In 1915 it took place a revolution in the tactics of air combat: the apparition of a technique that allowed to fire a machine gun through the propeller arc. Until then, the only way of arming a ...
The military aviation in 1914 -::- by Sakhal
2015-06-27 - Votes: 0 - Views: 606 - Last update: Never
<span class="bold">The diverse air forces</span><br/><br/> In August 1914, the &quot;heavier than the air&quot; component of the German Imperial Aviation Corps had 246 aircraft, 254 pilots and 271 observers. There were 33 <span class="italic">Feldflieger...
The dawn of military aviation -::- by Sakhal
2015-06-26 - Votes: 0 - Views: 1206 - Last update: 2015-07-16
<span class="font_larger"><span class="italic">The First World War saw how the primitive exploration aircraft of the first years of the war passed, from shooting with pistols each other, to mount fast-firing machine guns that could fire through the ar...
An insight into the First World War -::- by Sakhal
2015-02-04 - Votes: 0 - Views: 1668 - Last update: Never
The 21st February 1916, the 5th German Army started with a salvo of two thousands gunshots over a front of only 10 kilometers in width the attack to the fortress in Verdun. The French,commanded by General Petain, replied to the German artillery fire w...